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TTS can offer an inspection service on your production site. We have technical expertise in many fields : textile, leather and footwear and all our inspections are presented in accordance with ISO / IEC 17020: 2012.

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 « Identify risks before starting production » 

  The Pre-Production Inspection takes place after the supplier’s identification and evaluation. It allows you to identify the quality risks before starting production. Thus, it is an integral part of a management processes.

TTS inspectors visit your supplier’s site to perform a physical inspection of raw materials, components and production site. 

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Inspection Inline

« Enhance the risk through the supply chain »

On-line inspection usually occurs when 20% to 80% of your products are manufactured and being packaged for export. In one hand, it is a part of your overall quality assurance program.

On the other hand, it gives you as well the opportunity to implement the necessary corrective actions at an early stage.

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Final Inspection

«Avoid losses by identifying problems before shipping» 

Pre-shipment inspection is an essential element in the supply chain management. It takes place at the end of the production process when 80 % to 100% of products have been manufactured and packaged for export. We personnalise each inspection by developing standard checklists and classifying the defects.


We personnalise each inspection to focus more on the best procedure for your finished product by devolping standard checklists with its specific requirements and Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) TTS checklists provide a classification of defects.

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