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Metrology the driving force behind industrial competitiveness!

Currently, metrology is present in all industries ; it encompasses all the used techniques to perform measurements. It defines the methodology to ensure and maintain measurements accuracy. It is integrated into the quality management system, as it plays a key role in ; validation production quality and customers’s satisfaction.

In industry, metrology becomes a worldwide. We expect it on a production line for metal parts where each part must be perfectly calibrated to fit into a more complex assembly.

Metrology also plays a key role in negligible applications. As in the agri-food or pharmaceutical field where it guarantees the maintenance of cold chain by measuring the temperature variations over the entire volume of the cold rooms.


Is calibration mandatory?

Initially, the calibration of a new measuring instrument consists in verifying its proper functioning, and estimating its measurement error and associating uncertainty.

Then, regular calibration warns against a possible incremental drift of the measuring instrument which can be caused by :

Presence of dirt, exposure to chemicals, and changes in ambient conditions such as humidity and temperature, ...

The advantages of instruments’calibration :

Reliable measurements

Reliable measurements

The use of a calibrated instrument guarantees confidence in the measurements. The results given by the instrument in the process will be accurate and reliable, as well as the final product.

Cost reduction

Cost reduction

A calibrated instrument allows making decisions based on confi dence in measurements,

which will eliminate wastage, re-production or scrap.

Prevention against equipment drift

Prevention against equipment drift

All instruments drift over time, the drift cannot be eliminated, but it can be detected

and quantified by using periodic calibration.

Compliance with quality requirements

Compliance with quality requirements

Calibration is a pillar of successful audits (internal and external).

Increase in profits

Increase in profits

Using calibration results within defined tolerances improves processes, resulting

in improved product quality and increased profits.

TOTAL TESTING SERVICE, a metrology laboratory at the service of industries

Although calibrations can be carried out internally, it is nevertheless strongly recommended to call on a renowned organization such as TOTAL TESTING SERVICE to perform them. This becomes necessary due to the importance of measuring instruments calibration.

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TOTAL TESTING SERVICE, ISO / IEC 17025 accredited laboratory

You can contact us to send you both ; our TUNAC accreditation certificates and our technical appendices for the scope of metrology accreditation.

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The ISO / IEC 17025 accredited TOTAL TESTING SERVICE metrology laboratories, equipped with advanced and sophisticated equipments, managed by qualified staff, are known for being a serious partner for industries and laboratories.

TTS metrology laboratories provide all the following services :

  • Calibrations on customer sites
  • Calibrations in fully accredited laboratory
  • Repairs of measuring instruments
  • Technical assistance
  • Staff training

This ensures maximum process performance at a minimum cost.


Aware of the role of this expertise, TTS has invested significantly to offer you value-added solutions adapted to various industries like : Pharmaceuticals, agro-food, textiles, automobile, etc.

TTS offers to its customers a customized solution based on the combination of its various fields of competence : testing and calibration laboratories, repair of measuring and testing instruments, training and technical assistance.

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